Paris By Vegan - 60+ recipes Paris Guide - English version

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PARIS BY VEGAN - 60+ vegan recipes created with love, my personal tips for a healthy life and a Paris guide with more than 100 restaurants!

HI DEAR FRIENDS! My Ebook is here! Over 60 vegan recipes! Breakfast, dishes, snacks, bread and cheeses, desserts and drinks! Along with my tips for veganism and a vegan Parisian guide with my favorites addresses, Enjoy!

Prepare yourselves for epic vegan croissants, veggie burgers, gyozas, kimchi, vegan cheese, baguette, chocolate mousse... and so on!

I’m writing this book to share my journey and guide you through a nourishing, healthy and epicurean lifestyle. I hope you'll find inspiration in this book and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!